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In Defense of Lady Eboshi of Princess Mononoke

As we get to know her through the eyes of another of the film’s heroes, we see quickly what Lady Eboshi is meant to represent the idea of progress. Not just the clear industrial progress as the leader of Iron Town, a mountain town and iron mining facility in the movie, but a leader of social progress that is still extremely relevant almost 20 years later.

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    Actress Adrienne Wilkinson Makes Her First LI Appearance

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    The Loud Idiots

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The Loud Idiots get the scoop on the very beautiful, immensely talented Adrienne Wilkinson on this episode. From discussing her voice-over roles in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Force Unleashed, and The Old Republic, to live action parts as Xena The Warrior Princess’ daughter, the film Raze, and her current gig in the film Star Trek: Renegades, we guarantee you’ll love it!

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